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CynicalCy :iconmarx-cartoonee:Marx-Cartoonee 4 0
deviantART Now REQUIRES Male or Female Gender
Open letter to dA (Please add your thoughts below!):
For anyone that hasn't noticed or doesn't know, dA recently changed their gender options from "Male," "Female," and "Unspecified" to simply "Male" and "Female." On top of this gender on dA is by default public information with no option to make private, which technically violates their own Privacy Policy to which dA members agree when joining.
I have interests beyond privacy though, as I am a person (among many that have found refuge on dA) that doesn't actually fit into the "Male" or "Female" categories. I am androgynous and making a choice between one or the other, black and white options, basically, is extremely difficult and unfeasible. I run one of dA's largest and fastest-growing Lesban, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgendered clubs, :iconlgbt-on-da: (#LGBT-on-dA) and I can say personally as a transgendered individual it is not only unreasonable to rescind the Unspecified option, but is taken very personally by our community.
We all v
:iconkproductions:kproductions 401 814
Draconis-Wyrm 10/12/10
DameGreyWulf 11/12/10
cottonhill 12/12/10
As you may have heard, some members have been Drac'd (deactivated and hacked, coined at ).
Yes, there is a cracker or script kiddy. Get ZoneAlarm now and change all of your passwords to something random. Also, (the personal one). Also, get a good anti-virus and anti-spyware. Also.
Also, disassociate your email. Make an email ONLY for your dA and do not relog back into it unless you need it FOR dA. This way, a keylogger has no info to work with.
The problem now, though, is that the deactivation process is flawed. Keylogger or no, if someone gets into your email, they are only a few clicks away from permanently destroying everything you have saved.
All of your art is gone.
All of your friends' list is gone.
All of your favourites, your watchers, your everything
:iconnannairb:Nannairb 126 353
Surviving (and thriving) on deviantART
If you want to get something out of it,  put something into it. Visibility on deviantART is mostly  a numbers game; there are so many users that unless you're interacting with others, even the highest-quality work may go nearly unseen. This advice sounds like a truism, but people seem to have difficulty  understanding that no, their work is not some kind of miracle that breaks all the rules. Don't expect the community to fawn all over you for existing. You have to make them see you.
Don't expect the community to fawn over you, period. These people are usually your peers, but even if you don't think they are - they are not your buttmonkeys. Don't treat people that way.
The people who let you treat them terribly are not the ones you want. Some people will allow, and even encourage you to treat them like slaves. The
:iconheysawbones:heysawbones 688 218
Mini-Juggs :iconmarx-cartoonee:Marx-Cartoonee 18 14 Lilith 12 :iconnomorelogo:nomorelogo 50 8
Why deviantART Will Never Be Perfect
"This isn't worthy of a Daily Deviation!" "This user should be banned!" "OMG, moderators please remove this news article!!" "deviantART is going downhill... :no:"
I can't even begin to count the times I have heard a complaint regarding deviantART. Gallery changes, changes to the overall layout, the introduction of llamas, a new moderator, a Daily Deviation, a new senior member... you name it, I've seen people complaining about it. No wait, not complaining but BITCHING.
Calling people names, making threats, rallying up friends/fans - it seems people would do anything to get their point across and have their say. And, sadly, in most cases these kinds of complaints turn into personal vendettas. All of a sudden EVERYTHING deviantART does is bad. EVERY SINGLE THING.
They don't cater to you specifically? They never asked what is your stance on llamas? They never even wanted to know what you thought of that oh-so-famous deviant green? NO?
Well in all honesty, let's be realistic here. W
:iconjules1983:Jules1983 642 528
The Forum Newsletter: Issue 21
And now, welcome back to
The Forum Newsletter
                 :bulletblack:Issue #21:bulletblack:
The last month hasn't been too exciting in the forums. A small war broke out in Complaints, but it was over before it truly began. Small civil wars in Deviants have come and go and have been 100% plz-related, once again confirming that if Deviants is scary to you, get out. Take a walk. Don't use the internet.
Let me be the first to admit this month's newsletter was hard to piece together due to the intense traffic one gets with the Deviousness award, so let's all go congratulate 3wyl for being the November Deviousness recipient, since the last thing she needs is more love. :lol:
Be sure to check out the entries for the Illustrate a Thread contest and make your predictions as to who will walk away with the fantabulous prizes donated by fourteenthstar :la:
And, on a sad note, see this month's memorial to a
:iconbohobella:bohobella 44 126
Spellbound III :iconfantasio:fantasio 3,102 135
The truth about deviantART volunteers
There seems to be a lot of confusion about what mn@ (message network admins) and GMs (gallery moderators) do. So, I thought I'd take this chance to maybe cast some light on what we do, don't do and can do for you.
Firstly I'd like to clarify some things we don't do.
We don't ban people.
We don't delete artwork.
We don't read help desk tickets.
We don't deal with any services including shop items and premium memberships.
We don't resolve account issues.
We don't get paid and this is not a job.
We're not required to do any amount of things, we have no requirements about when we're online or what we have to do when we are. GMs are not expected to move miscats and mn@ aren't expected to operate :#devart: and :#help: 24 hours a day. We do this all in our spare time for love of the community, so please, remember that when you have dealings with us. Treat us the way you would expect to be treated, like any human being, we don't want to be called names and put down because we're doing s
:icondxd:dxd 216 360
What should Spirit day should really be about?
Spirit day has caused even more controversy here on dA. A lot agree with today, a lot sum it up in their own meanings, a lot despise it.
I for one, am mutual about the situation.
After reading the article ( ) it is clear that dA itself wished for this day to be more widespread then just the LGBT community. I for one agree with them.
But they haven't highlighted the issue outside the LGBT community enough.
Whilst you read this article, people are being bullied for reasons other then their sexuality. They're being bullied for disability, being black, having a lisp, wearing glasses, being WHITE (Unbelievable, I know) and for their religion. Not to mention, this also is not limited to teenagers. Many are pushed to the verge of suicide for more reasons, such as debt, serious illnesses, and adult bullying.
On October 20th, no one stopped bullying them, and life certainly got no easier for them. It's one thing to wear purple and make a point from a distance, but a
:iconartic-weather:ARTic-Weather 30 67
The Chat Network :: Lesson 1
This is an introductory tutorial on topics concerning the Chat Network.  
Lesson 1
So, you've created your first chatroom and you're a bit confused on how it all works?  These two lessons will attempt to take some of the mystery out of using and managing your chatroom.
Note that most of the commands mentioned in this article can be done by accessing your Chatroom Settings (a link to this is located in the bottom right of your chat screen).  Most people prefer to use the commands though since not everything can be done by using the Chatroom Settings, and for the most part you can do things faster and easier by using the command.
First Steps
When you first create your chatroom you'll notice that you are put into the "Guests" privclass.  The first thing you should do is to type this command in the text box where you normally type:
/promote username Founders
Where "username" is your deviant username. 
:icontachy-on:Tachy-on 892 389
The Opinion On Spirit Day
Don't flip out on me for saying what I think. IT'S AN OPINION, IT'S NOT FREAKING FACTS OF LIFE.
I think this Spirit Day stuff is a bit much. Sure, show your support by wearing purple. But does it do anything? No. It doesn't. You wear a color. Big fucking woop. It didn't help anyone out. If you want to make a difference, THEN FREAKING GET OFF YOUR FAT ASS AND DO SOMETHING. Wearing a color to show your support doesn't help at all. Make a donation, draw a pic to sell at auction for charity, DO SOMETHING. Don't just sit there and think you're making a difference by wearing a color, because you aren't. Now, I understand that if you can't afford to do any of those things, then feel free to wear purple, as it is the ONLY way you can show your support. I've been bullied for as long as I can remember, and I've gotten depressed because of it, but I get up and move on, because holding a grudge only makes things worse. You're giving them power over you by doing this. If someone kills themselves be
:iconpipesmokinggentleman:PipeSmokingGentleman 22 78
Spirit Day: The Deviants who oppose of it
It hasn't been even a day since this whole wear purple thing started. There are those who support it 100%, those who wear purple to feel all good inside and do squat and those who shake their heads at the whole idea altogether.
So, you decide, are we allowed to have our opinions or are we the antagonists making the dA community look bad?
:iconcynicalcy:CynicalCy 20 31
Why are any of us here, really? Why do we try? Why are you trying?
It's meaningless. We're just a bunch of pixels.
Feelings here aren't real. All the cute girls are 50-year-old fat, balding guys. All the guys are 50 years old, fat, and balding as well. Everyone is a pedophile. Did I mention we were all fat? Neckbeards.
That guy who you like talking to is either laughing at you with his friends, or masturbating to your Facebook profile - which, by the way, is made up entirely of photomanipulations to disguise the reality of your 50yearoldfatbaldneckbeardery.
It's just the Internet, of course you won't change anything. It isn't a real form of communication, like a phone or a hand-written letter.
The Internet is entirely a farce, a lie, a cheat, and utterly inane.

I've been on the Internet for - I don't know, about a decade now. For me, it's always been sort of like what I imagine the unexplored Western frontier was like for Americans long, long ago, minus the chance of bein
:iconheysawbones:heysawbones 442 314
The Forum Newsletter: Issue 20
And now, welcome back to
The Forum Newsletter
                 :bulletblack:Issue 20!:bulletblack:
If you're out of school, September in the forums is sure to remind you what it was like. If you're in school, hopefully you kept the bitching/help with life requests/"lol what's your favorite school subject?!" threads to a minimum.
Unfortunately what tends to happen this time of the year is, while quality threads come in, the remaining summer bums and influx of school bitching makes them harder to notice. You'll see a lot of threads that, with no fault of their own, slide to the very bottom of the main page of a forum, dangling on for dear life, with under fifty, under twenty, sometimes as low as only four of five replies - And it might never be seen again.
With october starting, we can only hope for more festive bitching - Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Halloween are all around the corner - While some kids get busy
:iconbohobella:bohobella 61 193


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This journal is to inform you all that I'm alive and well... for the time being.

So, hi.

Brb, my inbox is a mess.
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Most DeviantID's state the deviant's age, gender, likes, dislikes, nicknames and other pointless, forgettable facts.

But I'm too much of a lazy ass to provide you with one.


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