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How to become popular on DA- The troll method
How to become popular on DA – The troll method
I’ve read various news pieces that people have made, regarding ‘becoming “popular” on DA’”. Firstly let’s define what popular really means.
According to the oxford dictionary, it means: “liked or admired by many people or by a particular person or group:she was one of the most popular girls in the schoolthese cheeses are very popular in Europe”
However, in the DA/ Real world, it means: “To gain a large amount of page views and/or watchers.” These watchers may be inactive, but who cares it’s the views that matter to you, yes?
If so, carry on reading. If you are above this, then stop right now.
Disclaimer: This entire article is subject to opinion and or could be considered a joke peice. I have never been a troll, nor do I intend to be or encourage such behaviour. The article is based off my personal observations and to perhaps be an eye-opener to many other
:iconroyswordsman:royswordsman 46 130
WOMEN'S SELF DEFENSE by Dametora WOMEN'S SELF DEFENSE :icondametora:Dametora 468 142 Reconcile by Cataclysm-X Reconcile :iconcataclysm-x:Cataclysm-X 7,049 736
deviantART loathes you
The day is Saturday, December 11th, and DameGreyWulf's, MY account, was taken from me, and deactivated, like many, many others have been, in relation to Draconis-Wyrm's hijack.
I filed a ticket in the same day, requesting aide and support. Lacking response and shenanigans seen elsewhere spurred me to note spyed on Monday. As of December 23rd, I've sent ~10 notes to spyed in regards to this matter, and begged for response in my support ticket.
No response received.
Though, at the risk of giving myself unwarranted self-importance, soon after some of my notes spyed added fourteenthstar to his watch and fourteenthstar made that official announcement regarding the change of the Deactivation system.
Things to read initially:
:icondametora:Dametora 651 925
PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT by Dametora PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT :icondametora:Dametora 254 23 I can still... by yumi-honamaru I can still... :iconyumi-honamaru:yumi-honamaru 260 42 Abstinence? PFFT by Dametora Abstinence? PFFT :icondametora:Dametora 154 139 poor you by Dametora poor you :icondametora:Dametora 65 35 HEY JERK by Dametora HEY JERK :icondametora:Dametora 22 6 CynicalCy by Marx-Cartoonee CynicalCy :iconmarx-cartoonee:Marx-Cartoonee 4 0
deviantART Now REQUIRES Male or Female Gender
Open letter to dA (Please add your thoughts below!):
For anyone that hasn't noticed or doesn't know, dA recently changed their gender options from "Male," "Female," and "Unspecified" to simply "Male" and "Female." On top of this gender on dA is by default public information with no option to make private, which technically violates their own Privacy Policy to which dA members agree when joining.
I have interests beyond privacy though, as I am a person (among many that have found refuge on dA) that doesn't actually fit into the "Male" or "Female" categories. I am androgynous and making a choice between one or the other, black and white options, basically, is extremely difficult and unfeasible. I run one of dA's largest and fastest-growing Lesban, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgendered clubs, :iconlgbt-on-da: (#LGBT-on-dA) and I can say personally as a transgendered individual it is not only unreasonable to rescind the Unspecified option, but is taken very personally by our community.
We all v
:iconkproductions:kproductions 396 814
Draconis-Wyrm 10/12/10
DameGreyWulf 11/12/10
cottonhill 12/12/10
As you may have heard, some members have been Drac'd (deactivated and hacked, coined at ).
Yes, there is a cracker or script kiddy. Get ZoneAlarm now and change all of your passwords to something random. Also, (the personal one). Also, get a good anti-virus and anti-spyware. Also.
Also, disassociate your email. Make an email ONLY for your dA and do not relog back into it unless you need it FOR dA. This way, a keylogger has no info to work with.
The problem now, though, is that the deactivation process is flawed. Keylogger or no, if someone gets into your email, they are only a few clicks away from permanently destroying everything you have saved.
All of your art is gone.
All of your friends' list is gone.
All of your favourites, your watchers, your everything
:iconnannairb:Nannairb 124 353
Surviving (and thriving) on deviantART
If you want to get something out of it,  put something into it. Visibility on deviantART is mostly  a numbers game; there are so many users that unless you're interacting with others, even the highest-quality work may go nearly unseen. This advice sounds like a truism, but people seem to have difficulty  understanding that no, their work is not some kind of miracle that breaks all the rules. Don't expect the community to fawn all over you for existing. You have to make them see you.
Don't expect the community to fawn over you, period. These people are usually your peers, but even if you don't think they are - they are not your buttmonkeys. Don't treat people that way.
The people who let you treat them terribly are not the ones you want. Some people will allow, and even encourage you to treat them like slaves. The
:iconheysawbones:heysawbones 689 218
Mini-Juggs by Marx-Cartoonee Mini-Juggs :iconmarx-cartoonee:Marx-Cartoonee 18 14 Lilith 12 by nomorelogo Lilith 12 :iconnomorelogo:nomorelogo 51 8
Why deviantART Will Never Be Perfect
"This isn't worthy of a Daily Deviation!" "This user should be banned!" "OMG, moderators please remove this news article!!" "deviantART is going downhill... :no:"
I can't even begin to count the times I have heard a complaint regarding deviantART. Gallery changes, changes to the overall layout, the introduction of llamas, a new moderator, a Daily Deviation, a new senior member... you name it, I've seen people complaining about it. No wait, not complaining but BITCHING.
Calling people names, making threats, rallying up friends/fans - it seems people would do anything to get their point across and have their say. And, sadly, in most cases these kinds of complaints turn into personal vendettas. All of a sudden EVERYTHING deviantART does is bad. EVERY SINGLE THING.
They don't cater to you specifically? They never asked what is your stance on llamas? They never even wanted to know what you thought of that oh-so-famous deviant green? NO?
Well in all honesty, let's be realistic here. W
:iconjules1983:Jules1983 641 531


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This journal is to inform you all that I'm alive and well... for the time being.

So, hi.

Brb, my inbox is a mess.
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Most DeviantID's state the deviant's age, gender, likes, dislikes, nicknames and other pointless, forgettable facts.

But I'm too much of a lazy ass to provide you with one.


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